Neck and Shoulder Pain Recovery Exercises. @The Gibson. March ’18. Crooked Spine Show

This workshop replay will help you cope with staying resilient during these Covid times (posting this August 2020). Sitting more at home? Let’s keep working on our upper body and neck posture and strength. Then we can stay relaxed and calm to handle the stress of our current everyday lives.

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(2:40) First, assess your posture.

(4:10) #1 way to avoid arthritis.

(7:20) Checking your neck range of motion; a stretch exercise too.

(13:30) The key to recovery.

(16:30) Starting shoulder pain relief; these stretches first.

(23:30) 1st shoulder exercise -3 of them; to help your posture too.

(39:50) The modified shoulder press for strength and posture.

(43:50) Build neck & shoulder strength with The Shrug exercise.

(45:10) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.