Let’s Check Your Standing, Sitting: And Exercises for a Stronger Back, and be Pain-free. @Gibson Feb. ’23. Crooked Spine Show

Unless we are sleeping, this is how we spend most of our daily hours. Based on engineering there is a optimal position to sit or stand that lowers stress to our body’s joints and muscles. It can take awhile of being in the improper position for our body to give us signs this has occurred (usually pain). In this talk we will help you learn to check how you stand and sit; then start stretches and strength exercises to improve these positions to feel good at the end of your day.

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The Outline for the Workshop

The #1 reason for non-traumatic neck and back pain? 

What percentage of your day is Sitting? Standing? 

Let’s check your posture: 

  1. Standing; then Walking

  2. Sitting

Which muscles become tight or weak with poor posture? 

Stretches to improve your standing or sitting: 

  1. Pillow stretch

  2. Upper Trap stretch

  3. Shoulder Wall stretch

  4. Lunge stretch

Strength these muscles to ENDURE standing or sitting: 

  1. Walk THIS way

  2. Wall Squat 

  3. 3 Shoulder exercise

  4. Kick Back exercise