Leg and Lower Body Strength for Posture @Gibson Feb. ’18. #crookedspineshow

With the start of any new year, people want to get healthier. When you have poor posture, exercises can be painful and limit the results you are expecting. Here are a few exercises and checklists to help you feel pain-free, stronger and happier with proper posture.

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(1:50) Use walking sticks? Here is the proper length for posture.

(5:30) Sitting checklist for better posture.

(9:30) Get uncomfortable to get better.

(11:10) Stand wall posture check.

(14:00) How driving affects your back, posture.

(19:20) Lunge stretch for hips, posture.

(25:20) Build leg strength with Knee extension exercise.

(30:50) Hamstring stretch to help your posture.

(33:30) Modified chair squat for a stronger back.

(44:30) Why different chiropractic treatments have different results.

(47:30) Review of the exercises.