Improve Your Posture for a Better Back & Neck @Gibson Feb ’20. Crooked Spine Show

Can poor posture be the reason your neck or back hurt? This workshop explains what is proper posture, and gives you exercises how to fix it.  Thank you Doug for being the willing demonstrator of these exercises, and showing off your balance.

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(2:20) Stand posture checklist.

(6:40) How to sit to help your posture.

(14:20) Best pillow for you.

(17:10) Easy neck posture stretch.

(19:30) How build a routine helps.

(20:50) A low back stretch using a towel.

(23:40) The wall fly exercise for your upper back.

(26:35) Build back strength with these different squats.

(33:35) How often, how much should I exercise.

(33:45) Doug demos all the exercises above.

(40:40) This walking exercise helps your posture.

(46:25) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.