CSP 046: Hypnotherapy-Learn to Heal your Body with Ted Moreno | Crooked Spine Show

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Ted is a Certified Hypnotherapist. He has a been in private practice for 15 years and has taught for 3. In this interview Ted explains the proven science how your subconscious and conscious mind works to put your body under stress or keep it healthy.

Learn the benefits for stress, phobias, stop smoking, weight loss, public speaking and much more.

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Highlights (podcast times):
(6:40) How our Unconscious mind created.
(8:35) Current causes of anxiety/depression.
(13:40) Help with recovering from stressful events.
(15:40) How hypnotherapy works.
(36:40) Help yourself by changing your language.
(40:00) Help with phobias/addictions.
(49:20) Ted’s wrap up; helping professionals.
(54:30) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

Hypnotherapy helps you work on your mind first, then your body/actions can change. Ted Moreno is a professional who understands how to help you by helping yourself. Then living a healthy, successful life is possible.

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