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CSP 044: How to use Positive Stress for a Healthy Body & MInd | Crooked Spine Show

Right now, is your body in a relaxed or stress state? All of us suffer from negative stress on our body. You feel it. Michelle and I discuss how positive stress can get you relaxed to a healthier state.

Watch Michelle’s “MIndful Monday” show:

Highlights (podcast times):
(0:40) Can positive stress keep you healthy.
(2:10) What are overwhelming negative stress.
(4:50) Body’s internal reaction to negative stress.
(6:55) Solutions for negative stress.
(19:10) How to tolerate more stress.
(12:55) Start with stretching.
(18:20) Positive stress for physical jobs.
(21:10) Why your negative stress state is your normal.
(22:55) How to get to a healthier, relaxed state.
(29:00) Building the habit (for adults and kids).
(35:55) Overall solutions.
(36:40) Your doctor’s attitude affects your healthier state.
(38:10) How exercise is a positive stress.
(39:55) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

Learning positive stress techniques (and habitually doing them) will help you go from a stressed to a healthier, relaxed state. Based on your personal daily stress, you may need to pick exercises, stretching, even music to neutralize the negative stress.

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