How this Chair helps Your Back and Overall Health. Guest Dr. Osler. Crooked Spine Show

Have you been sitting more since a year ago? This is the #1 reason for the increase in neck and back pain/weakness. We need to keep our body strong by movement to stay strong; but we also need to sit. Is there a solution? Hope you are sitting down for this…Yes! A chair that keeps you moving while you sit. Dr. Turner Osler has turned from a 20 year career as a trauma surgeon in Vermont to creating a patented Red Rocker technology chair to make sitting active rather than passive. Watch/listen to Dr. Osler explain this chair and the benefit to you.

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(2:40) Dr. Osler’s background and how he became interested in healthy sitting.

(5:50) How to have a healthy back while sitting.

(9:20) Walking motion/posture’s relation to sitting.

(11:00) How this patented chair works.

(17:50) Why most chair don’t help your health.

(22:30) Dr. Osler’s peer’s opinion of his chair.

(30:30) The Button Chair version for free -why?

(38:40) Dr. Osler’s role model.  This will surprise you.