CSP 053: How an Acupuncturist Helps You (part 1). Sharleen of Empire Acupuncture explains. Crooked Spine Show

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Most Americans know very little how acupuncture can heal the body. The scientific testing validated acupuncture to help relax the nerves of the body. The looks at a person’s lifestyle (as Sharleen does with her patients) helps a person learn to stay healthy.  Listen in.

Highlights (podcast times):

(1:30) Sharleen’s back story.

(4:15) What is Chi. Bridging Chinese & American medicine.

(8:45) How distal needling works to heal.

(15:10) Does acupuncture hurt?

(18:40) How acupuncture treats pain.

(22:45) Why listening to patients is important.

(28:45) Is your doctor treating the cause of your problem?

(29:30) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

In part one Sharleen breaks down the myths of acupuncture, so we can understand how it can reduce pain without causing pain.  And as with any health professional, being a listener is the first key to learning the cause of a person’s health problems.

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