Home Exercises for a Stronger, Pain-free Low Back. @Gibson April ’19. Crooked Spine Show

We are in our 5th month of living in quarantine, and counting. Our bodies are out of routine and moving less. This is causing more physical pain and ruining your posture.  This workshop is a replay to get your back get strong and pain-free.  Listen or watch the exercises in order to start correcting your posture, stretching then strengthening to have a pain-free back.

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Highlights (podcast):

(3:45) Low back roll stretch exercise

(9:35) Same stretch and add knees toward shoulders.

(13:45) How and why to set posture first, then exercise.

(21:45) How to set your sitting posture.

(24:30) Squats for leg/back strength –wall to chair exercise.

(29:45) Back strength by modified standing squat.

(33:00) More strength exercises –the lunge.

(37:20) Start with posture, stretch, then strengthen routinely.