Headaches: Here are the Fixes based on How you Feel. And the Different Type of Headaches explained. @Gibson Sept. ’23. Crooked Spine Show

Your Symptoms-Head Type-What it Means::

Pain/Tension One Side of your Head- Migraine headaches

– usually with nausea signs And secondary symptoms of sensitivity to light, sound, taste, smell. Due to sensitivity to food, the environment triggers.

Pressure/Tight Band around our entire head- Tension headaches

-due to hormonal changes that occur during periods of chronic stress, pregnancy.

Sharp, On/Off Pain one side of the Head and In or Around the Eye- Cluster headaches

-due to neurological problems (cranial or spinal) that can radiate to the head, eye, face, neck, shoulders, back, etc.

Neck & Back of the Head Pain, Pressure- Cervicogenic (neck related) headaches

-due to impingement of neck nerves that run up to the head, and can cause radiating pain in the forehead, eye; and the neck, shoulders.

Try these Healthy Habits to Help-

-Lower Stress, Improve Mobility/Posture (These Exercises), Improve Diet.


Upper Trap Exercise. https://youtu.be/QYDFqnNC-rA
Broomstick Exercise.https://youtu.be/ifpOS0q7ncY

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