Headaches, Dizziness, Vertigo. Dr.Tony Explains the Causes and Treatments. Then Exercises to Help. @Gibson Feb. ’22.

What type of headache do I have? Or is vertigo or dizziness?   This talk will help give you clarity how to define each one; hen give you ways to manage and cure the root cause of your symptoms with lifestyle changes, exercises and posture. Checkout the show.

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Type of Headaches

-Migraines (4:20).

-Sinus/Viral headache (7:00).

-Cluster headaches (13:00).

-Hypertension headaches (14:00).

-Stress/Tension/Cervicogenic/Positional headaches (15:00).

Dizziness difference from Vertigo (16:50)


-BPV, benign positional vertigo, (18:30).

Meniere’s Disease (21:00)

Viral (COVID) (22:10)

Exercise for Vertigo (Bend over; sit) (23:50).

Diet/Lifestyle changes (26:50)

Exercises for Stress/Tension/Cervicogenic/Positional Headaches

-Upper Trap stretch (28:50).

-Broomstick stretch (30:50)

-3 Shoulders (33:10).

-Shrugs (39:00).

-Reverse Fly (40:50).

-Standing, Seated Posture checks (43:20).