Headache Relief: Types, How Chiropractic Helps, 8 Patient Stories. Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractic

Headaches can ruin your life, and people around you.  People live with headaches for years, until they find a chiropractor to help. This podcast/video will help you understand how chiropractors help headache relief. Then hear 8 headache sufferers who, after chiropractic care, are happier now.

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(1:20) Types of headaches; how chiropractic helps.

(6:10) 9 years old, Christina, relief after 2 years of migraines.

(8:15) No more bottle of Motrin per week -Liz’s story.

(10:10) Mike, 72 years old, headaches gone!

(11:40) Relief without drugs -Chloe.

(12:30) Chiropractic is my cure -Peggy.

(13:30) Cameron, 10 years old, no longer throwing up.

(16:20) Taking 80% less medications -Rose.

(17:35) No more shots for migraines -Olivia.

(19:00) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.