Exercises to Help Prevent Falling @Brookdale Sept ’19. Crooked Spine Show. Upland Claremont Cucamonga

None of us want to fall for a silly reason and hurt ourselves.  Then we would need to make us a good story. These exercises will keep your balance and strength healthy to help you stay on your feet. Listen in.

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(2:50) While in bed, start with ankle motion.

(4:20) Knee motion exercise.

(7:00) Using a tennis ball (or something similar) for feet stimulation.

(9:20) A hip motion exercise.

(12:20) Sitting checklist for better posture/balance.

(14:20) Feet position for back strength.

(15:20) Properly using a walker.

(18:50) Exercises for better balance standing.

(30:20) Leg crossover exercise.

(33:50) Lunge exercise for balance.

(35:00) The Dos and Don’ts if your going to fall.

(39:00) Hip stretch with a strap.

(39:45) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.