Setting, Achieving Life Goals. Episode 1. #1: Becoming Physically Stronger. Derek & Dr. Tony. Crooked Spine Show

Starting a new Life Performance Enhancement Series with Derek Wohlers and Dr. Tony. In this first episode we start with going through the steps BEFORE training: what are your goals? eating habits? sleep schedule? current workout routine? and more. Then we review HOW TO SET realistic goals in a realistic time frame. And then we end with GOAL #1: Becoming STRONGER through incorporating variations into your strength training routines.

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(3:00) The outline for today’s workshop.

(4:00) Starting with documenting your honest and detailed Life Inventory; and being accountable.

(13:00) Linear vs. non-linear workout programs.

(17:20) Progressing through a program to avoid injury.

(21:30) Starting with upper body strength. Modifications with the standing cable row.