CSP074: Keeping Seniors Healthy @Home. Right at Home Video Series, host Dan McGuire. #crookedspineshow

Seniors in our communities are most affected by our current Covid crisis, physically and mentally.  How do we help them stay healthy and calm in constant quarantine? Dan McGuire of Right At Home provides customers access to in home assisted care programs for their loved ones. In this interview Dan and Dr. Tony discuss how we can educate and help improve the routines of seniors to get and stay healthy.

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(2:35) Why the #1 priority is education patients/clients.

(4:00) What are your specific health needs, right now?

(5:30) Your best insurance policy to avoid long-term medical conditions.

(8:30) Do we need to adjust our habits as we age?

(11:15) What to expect if you need to see a chiropractor.

(13:20) Are you learning how to fix yourself?

(15:40) Helping the community through workshop/talks.

(17:30) Are you thinking of your long-term health.

(20:00) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.