CSP 020: Hair Tips for Health and Beauty with Lisa, Platform Color and Style Salon with Upland Chiropractor

Your hair is a window to your health.  It is effected by your everyday activities and levels of stress to the body.  Your hair quality and thin/thickness can be signs that Lisa understands.  Her experience and training helps you know how to get and maintain healthy hair.

Connect with Lisa, and her salon:
(626) 201-0073

112 N San Dimas Ave
San Dimas, California

Highlights (podcast times): 

Hair as the window to your health (1:30).

Lisa’s training in criminal forensics (3:15).

Hair analysis for specific conditions (5:20).

Teenage hormone hair solutions (7:40).

Exercise effect on hair (good and bad) (10:40).

Stress effect on hair (14:10).

The affect of hair products on your health (16:50).

Wrap up (23:00).

So balanced hormone levels keeps your hair healthy.  By proper (not over) exercise, nutrition and quality products can keep your body well.  Then your hair as well.  Lisa can help you know your hair even if your not local to her salon.

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