CSP 060: D.U.I.-Do’s and Don’ts to Protect Yourself. Interview w/ Nima at Moet Law, part 1. Crooked Spine Show

Do you stressed out (like me) if you’re pulled over by the police? And if your tired from a drink, medication or anything else do you get really nervous? In this part 1, Nima explains how to be prepared, so you don’t incriminate yourself.  Listen in.

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(3:35) DUI offenders are rarely criminals.

(4:50) Checklist when you get pulled over.

(9:20) What to need to do when your detained.

(11:20) STFU RULE -best advice.

(12:00) What is a felony DUI?

(14:20) Different type of DUIs.

(15:20) Aggressive DUIs in specific counties.

(16:10) Do you have an attorney on retainer?

(17:50) How length of a DUI case affects you.

(20:30) Why you should build your reputation with the court.

(23:00) If you need to plead guilty.

(26:50) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.