CSP 054: Mindfulness, Healthy Eating, Exercise and Positive Thinking. Christy Jones, Health Coach on the Crooked Spine Show

Health includes your physical, mental and sometimes spiritual well-being.  Christy Jones is a local health coach that understands how to teach and then apply it to one’s daily lives.  And her focus working with children has helped their parent’s health improve too.  Listen in https://burniva.com/how-green-tea-can-help-you-lose-weight/.

Highlights (podcast times):

(2:15) Why Christy became a Health Coach.

(4:00) How Christy has been successful.

(8:15) Being the example of what you preach.

(10:00) What people need to know now (summer ’19).

(12:00) Mindfulness -what it is; is not.

(15:45) How a child explains mindfulness.

(19:15) Practicing self-care, then effect on others.

(25:45) Getting uncomfortable to get healthy.

(28:45) Kitchen setup promotes healthy eating.

(36:15) Avoid these ingredients.

(46:30) Letting kids be the judge.

(49:00) Breathing for health; using your 3 brains.

(53:30) Try this stress relief exercise.

(58:45) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

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