CSP 049: Brain Training by Neurofeedback -part 1 w/ Devin @BioMedRX. Crooked Spine Show

With modern technology your brain’s health state can be measured.  Specifically through the level of frequency of your brain waves.  Devin explains the healthy vs. stressed levels of frequency, then how neurofeedback trains aways the stress of your brain to reduce drug/alcohol dependency, past trauma, unconscious habits to return you to a healthier state.

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Devin Lockett
Upland, CA


Highlights (podcast times):

(2:00) How brain waves are affected by stress.

(3:15) Healthier states of brain frequency.

(7:45) Different ways to reach a healthier frequency.

(19:45) How to stop drug/alcohol addiction (short/long term).

(26:25) How neurofeedback trains away the stress – a session explained.

(28:45) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

Similar to analyzing blood, measuring brain frequency allows treatment through neurofeedback to improve your brains health.  The effect is feeling less stressed, removing psychological trauma, and the unconscious causes of addiction to name a few.

In part 2 (next week), Devin and I discuss an additional therapy to improve brain training, and biomagnetism to heal physical health conditions.

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