CSP 024: For Physical Health and the Arts -West End YMCA. Interview w/ Director Farzad on the Crooked Spine Show

When I was a kid, like Farzad, I helped coached basketball at “the Y”. This interview shows how Farzad is had made his passion helping kids through his vocation.  This facility offers sports and the arts for all kids; weight, cardio for adults; group classes; swimming pool and more.  Learn how the West End YMCA is a place for the whole family.

Find out more and see their schedule:

West End YMCA

1150 E. Foothill Blvd.
Upland, CA 91786

Highlights (podcast times):

Farzad’s story (1:40).

5 projects for preschoolers to seniors (3:10).

Our kid’s programs build self confidence (4:10).

Adults classes to stay healthy and independent (6:10).

Outside the Y: activities w/ transportation (9:10).

Video and art training for kids-not just exercise (11:50).

Preschool programs to develop healthy (14:10).

Weekend benefits and the pool (16:40).

Build relation with your kids through classes (18:10).

Senior-your health insurance wants you here (19:40).

A non-profit that changes lives; be a volunteer (21:55).

Dr. Tony’s wrap up (27:10).

Farzad explains the benefits to you and your family excellently.  His passion to see the West End YMCA grow as a community source to help people of all ages.  We know that staying active builds self-esteem and confidence for kids, and internal and physical health for adults and seniors.  Check this place out and being a volunteer here will help you give back.

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