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Bridget Shoup has helped relieve anxiety, chronic pain, drug addiction and more. Learn how her healing through crystals and chakra rebalancing can get people off medications and to a healthier state.

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Highlight (podcast times):
(2:15) How Bridget helps people.
(4:00) How do we get to a healthy state.
(5:35) Crystal therapy healing explained.
(8:45) How a healing session works.
(10:25) What are your chakras?
(16:30) Crystals work with vibration.
(20:30) Benefits of a crystal singing bowls.
(24:10) Scanning during the session.
(27:45) #1 benefits of a crystal therapy session.
(31:15) Your homework after a session.
(34:20) Benefits of different products/solutions.
(40:15) Help with better balance & habits.
(42:00) Summary of crystal therapy-wrap up.

There are many things that help people get well. Crystal healing helps you understand your body. Experiencing a session lets you experience a relaxed, healthy state and what you can work on. Then you can maintain better habits to stay in a healthier state.

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