Better Diet lowers Body Stress. @Brookdale March ’20. Crooked Spine Show

Want to feel better? Lose weight? Check your Diet.  Certain foods change your body’s ability tolerate your daily stress better than other foods. This talk explains how to make better meal and condiment choices to prevent health conditions, and keep yourself relaxed.

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(2:00) How the Mediterranean Diet can help you.

(3:50) Better oil choices; why food should rot.

(6:20) Why these anti-inflammatory foods.

(7:50) Why people choose fast foods.

(10:20) Try these simple meals.

(12:20) How much salt is ok?

(14:20) Difference of omega 3 vs. 6 fats.

(18:10) Prevent cancer, etc.; drink more water, increase fiber.

(20:40) Cheap AND Healthy food choices, now.

(22:10) Donuts. Dang!

(24:20) Foods affect on your body’s stress levels.

(27:40) Ketchup and other sauces.  Good for your health?

(29:00) Dr. Tony’s wrap.