Better Balance Exercises for Strength/Avoiding Falls. @Gibson Jan. ’20. Crooked Spine Show

Falling can be painful and make you feel fearful of it happening again.  These exercises and mindset will give you the confidence to improve your walking, standing balance and help you prevent injuries. Checkout this week’s show.

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(1:30) How the body, brain work together to help balance.

(2:00) Start training your balance with these feet exercise.

(3:30) Checking your sitting posture.

(7:00) Better, standing posture balance.

(10:00) Wall squat exercise benefits your walking, standing.

(15:10) Rolling feet exercise; head up.

(25:10) Now try it eyes closed.

(32:30) Review of exercises above.

(37:50) Rolling feet exercise NOW go backward.

(39:30) Did the rolling feet exercises make you walk better? Improve balance?

(43:40) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.