Balance, Hip & Posture Exercises. @Gibson Aug ’19. Crooked Spine Show

Poor Posture and balance can lead to falls and pain in the lower body.  These exercises will improve your posture and balance to get your body strong and injury-free. Listen in.

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(1:40) First, find good posture.

(3:40) Feet position affect on posture/balance.

(7:20) Walking checklist to improve posture.

(9:40) Rolling feet exercise to help balance.

(15:50) Exercise: combine walking with rolling feeting; forward, backward.

(24:50) Lunge exercise: helps balance and getting up from the floor. Demo by Mr. & Mrs. Antoniak.

(38:00) Review of today’s exercises.

Q & A time:

(39:50) Knee, ankle, hip pain relief guidance.

(47:30) How to prevent arthritis.

(49:30) Lunge stretch for hip pain. Demo by Maria.

(57:30) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.