Using Mentors, etc. to Get your Goals. -Helping Parents and Couples at Foothill Family Shelter

Using good resources and mentors can guide you to improve your mindset and set goals.  Then forming habits that lead you to reach your goals seems realistic. Today I give these people my experiences that helped me become a chiropractor and continually improve myself.

Highlights (podcast times):

How I learn (3:10).

Going for the No’s (6:40).

How to reach your goals (9:20).

Ask yourself positive questions to learn (12:25).

How Robert sets goals (16:25).

Finding mentors for you (19:55).

How to form good habits (25:50).

Robert: starting small (28:10).

Fear stops everything; move (34:10).

Dr. Tony’s wrap up (37:10).

Find good mentors, educate yourself, set small goals (to build confidence), then keeping good habits will obliterate the Fear.  Then results will come.  Keeping learning my friends!


How to Win Friends and Influence People -Dale Carnegie

Go for the No -Fenton & Waltz

Celestine Prophecy -Redfield

Compound Effect, Ch 4: Momentum -Darren Hardy 

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