CSP: 2017 Review of our first 12 Interviews

THANK YOU: for the interviewers and listeners for supporting our podcast.  Keeping ourselves healthy is easier when we can get advice from experts.  This podcast will give you highlights from each of our first 12 Crooked Spine Show expert interviews (with podcast times for each).  Then my wrap at the end.

On the podcast: go to our show notes to listen or watch each interview and connect.

(1:25) 001: Studio3Yoga for a Healthy Body & Mind.

Interview w/ Owners David and Jennifer

(2:39) 002: Your Eyes: Detect and Solve Health & Eye Issues/Stress.

Interview w/ Dr. Bob, Optometrist.

(3:33) 003: UFC Gym Ontario owner, Nathan Interview 

(4:30) 004: Martial Arts for Overall Health.  Interview with

Jeremy, owner of California Black Belt Academy (5:25) 005: Find the Right Massage Therapist for You

with Ross Lockwood, owner Back to Work On-site Massage

(6:04) 006: Your Personal Trainer. How to get the most out of them.

Interview with Mike, owner of New U Fitness 

(7:23) 007: Detox, Feel and Look Better. Interview with Alex,

owner of Claremont Healing House 

(8:11) 008: In-Home Healthcare after Emergency/Medical Care.

Interview with Dan McGuire of Right at Home.

(9:47) 009: Helping Children with Stress.

Interview with Norina Murphy, LCSW 

(11:07) 010: Crunch Fitness manager Brian Interview:

Making Fitness Easy, then a Habit.

(12:37) 011: Pilates Explained: Talk with Stephanie,

owner of Om Sweet Om Pilates Center 

(14:53) 012: Tips from the Master Trainer, Jontrel of UnoZero Fitness (17:53) Wrap up

When reviewing these first 12 podcasts realize getting healthy takes knowledge and patience.  Knowing your next step when getting healthy gives you the confidence your taking the right step.  Understand when you commit to a change for minimum of 3 months, the long-term chemical and hormonal changes in your body help you tolerate your consistent, daily stress.  Then you enjoy staying in a better state of health.

Note: our next podcast will be Jan.14th, 2018.

Hope you enjoyed listening to this episode of The Crooked Spine Show Podcast.

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CSP 000: This Podcast’s purpose; Dr. Tony’s Credentials and Experience



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 Show Notes…

Welcome to The Crooked Spine Show!  I am Dr. Tony,  find us at #uplandchiros;  upland…c.h.i.r.o.s.

In today’s show, we will cover:

  1. How this show is different

  2. My credentials

  3. The topic’s covered in our audio

  4. Lastly, what you will listen to & when…

To reiterate this show’s purpose is to give listeners around the world the simple nuggets to relieve stress by forming long-term habits.  Then living a longer, healthier life is NOT so hard.

Thank you for listening to our FIRST Crooked Spine Show with, me, Dr. Tony.

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Walking for Back Strength (Audio) @Gibson May ’17

This is the audio only.

In this workshop Dr. Ratkovic talks about how to keep your back strong through walking.

And here is the Full Video. 

The full video post has more details of this videos.

Everyone is at a unique state of health.

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