Strength & Stress: How Nerves Control Them. In-office. Aug ’18 | Crooked Spine Show

Keeping your body and mind strong and relaxed has several factors.  Chiropractors return spinal motion and alignment to keep you nerves relaxed.  Then exercising to improve flexibility and strength can allow your body to return to balance, and tolerate your stress of your every day.  That is health.  Listen/watch to find out how this process works.

Highlights (podcast times):

(1:00) How Chiropractic is different.

(2:00) Nerves connections through the body.

(6:10) A healthy vs. stressed nerves.

(11:10) How chiropractic helps nerve health.

(13:10) The Nerve Chart 

(14:30) Nerves effects on strength.

(18:30) Effects on weight gain, etc.

(21:40) Effects on Stress, sleep.

(25:15) Getting to a relaxed state.

(30:00) Q/A-can medication help? alternatives?

(32:20) Effects on attitude.

(34:00) Healthy nerves, then how to stay there.

(37:20) Dr. Tony’s wrap

The nerve chart is the flow of specific spinal nerves locations in the body (muscles and organs) that relates to common health conditions.  This chart is both medical and chiropractic, but chiropractors use it to educate patients and return your health.  In the end, you are your best health advocate.  When you understand how to get and stay healthy, you can keep your body and mind relaxed and strong.

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