Shoulder Pain & Injury Recovery @Gibson Aug. ’18 | #crookedspineshow

Shoulder pain should be dealt with quickly.  Finding the source and fixing the problem helps prevent long-term posture problems, weakness and neck with upper back pain. These exercises help stretch then strengthen the shoulder to get full recovery.

Highlights (podcast times):

(1:45) First, set your shoulder, neck and upper body posture.

(5:00) Broomstick stretch helping shoulders and upper body. -video

(9:50) Upper Trapezius strength keeps your neck relaxed. -video

(14:10) 3 exercises to strengthen your back shoulders. -video

(22:20) Shoulder Rise exercise keeps your posture back. -video

(24:40) These wall pushes for strength and balance. -video

(27:50) Test your shoulder health with this Modified Shoulder Press. -video

(33:50) Dr. Tony’s wrap

Carol and Patricia performed these exercises and understand how it can help them stay healthy.  These routine stretches and strength building exercises can keep your shoulders, upper back, and neck strong to tolerate the stressors of your everyday life.

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