Shoulder & Neck Pain Workshop @Gibson March ’18 with Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

When recovering from a neck or shoulder injury, starting with good posture is key.  Taking the steps to test each motion for pain, start with stretching then build strength; again with good posture.  This workshop helps people understand the need to build strength to keep good posture, avoid injury.

Highlights (podcast times):

1st check shoulder motion (2:35).

Testing Neck motion (4:55).

Why medication could be a good choice (10:05).

What kind and amount of exercise is enough? (12:15).

Stretching the shoulder –T stretch exercise (16:15).

Strengthening the shoulder (23:25)

1.elbows low: a)3 shoulders exercise b)-reverse fly exercise

2.overhead: modified shoulder press_(39:50).

Continued exercise to improve posture, tolerate stress (41:20).

Strength in your shoulder and neck helps fight poor posture and pain.  This is also help avoid pain by keeping normal motion in the neck and shoulder.  Continued exercise will help you tolerate more stress from your day, and keep your overall body and mind relaxed.

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