“Nerve, Not Bone Therapy.” In-office Talk in Jan. ’18 with Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

My monthly talk explains how chiropractic care works.  This talk gives patients the knowledge to understand how your body lets you know when it’s injured and unhealthy.  Let’s get to it.

Effects of Spinal Misalignments (Chart)

Highlights (podcast times):

How the nerves communicate with your body (3:25).

A normal vs. abnormal nerve; this controls how you feel (7:25).

History of nerve testing; the subluxation (11:15).

Effects of pinched nerves (on exercise, diet, sleep, attitude); sympathetic/stress response (12:25).

Learning to stay healthy (30:40).

Patients’ review of this class helped them understand where their headaches, lack of sleep, back pain comes from.  Now they know how chiropractic and their exercises/diet/attitude will get them and keep them healthy.

Hope you enjoyed listening to this episode of The Crooked Spine Show Podcast.

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