Millennial’s and Me in the Future of Healthcare. Career Day April ’18 with Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

Only a few months away from high school graduation, Dr. Tony talks to these seniors on the steps to find a career (maybe healthcare).  Also, Dr. Tony’s tells his story of working before finishing chiropractic school to find your passion.  Listen and learn how Dr. Tony can help you the student, or others looking into healthcare or any job after school.

Highlights (podcast times):

Building work ethic (2:20).

Your reputation vs. character (5:20).

Being techie is a strength (11:50).

Do you care? (12:20).

Real expectation of using what you learn (14:50).

#1 way to get the job you want (17:20).

Finding people to say YES (20:50).

Are adjustments safe (24:50).

Be focussed on R.O.I. (29:20).

Knowing what is better (32:40).

My LIVE  video fail and recovery (34:35).

Q/A (37:35).

Dr. Tony’s wrap (40:40).

Dr. Tony has gained understanding through running a successful chiropractic business for 13 years, having interns for 6 years and giving talks for 3 years.  Your best chance for success after school is to plan now.  And volunteering/interning can give you insight of your strengths and build credibility with a business as a potential employee after school.

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