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Our current lives are “go, go, go”.  This can put positive and negative stress on our bodies.  Creating and sustaining a positive mindset keeps you pain-free and relaxed to live a healthy life.  Michelle is a self-educated promoter of this mindset with her weekly show.  Listen in and learn if you can improve your health through being mindful.

Watch Michelle’s “Thoughtful Thursday” videos on her Facebook page to learn more about Mindfulness and stress relief.

Highlights (podcast times):

(2:15) Why it’s important.

(5:00) Mindset or medicate.

(7:20) How it helps with stress & pain.

(9:50) Does your medical doctor help with this?

(12:40) Physical activity affect on stress, mindset.

(14:30) Negative mindset promotes your body’s stress (fight or flight) response.

(16:00) Start by controlling your thoughts to lower stress.

(19:00) When feeling uncomfortable is good.

(21:30) Acting w/ a positive mindset; helping others.

(24:30) Healthy mindset by staying in the moment; no worries.

(26:30) Finding the time.

(32:20) Women & men create this differently.

(36:10) Importance of physical motion to sustain a changed mindset, stay relaxed.

(38:00) Dr. Tony’s Wrap

Lower stress to your body and mind is difficult.  This could require changing our physical environment and leaving the people that we love.  Instead we can create and sustain a positive mindset by taking the time to meditate and exercise.   Then our bodies can tolerate the stressors in our lives, and stay strong and relaxed.

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