Leg Strength for Posture Workshop @Gibson Feb. ’18 with Upland Claremont Chiropractor

Dr. Tony demonstrates the steps of setting your posture, stretching, and strengthening muscles of the lower body to help posture and balance.  We have added six detailed videos below to help explain each exercise demonstrated.  Learn these to minimize your risk of falling and back pain.

Highlights (podcast times):

Right way to adjust walker/crutches to help your posture/balance (1:45).

Your proper sitting checklist (detailed video) (4:45).

Set you balance, then posture improves (detailed video) (10:15).

Best driving posture (13:15).

Front hip stretch first, before strength (detailed video) (17:15).

Then build leg & knee strength with this (detailed video) (24:15).

This stretches the back of your leg/hamstrings (detailed video) (30:15).

Check your feet to help balance (detailed video) (39:25).

Review of each exercise (47:30).

Dr. Tony’s wrap up

When you can routine keep an exercise routine of these exercises, you can prevent back pain, falling and poor posture.  As preached above, always start with stretching before building strength to prevent injury.  Still need more guidance?  See your local chiropractor for an exam to get and stay healthy.

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