Learning Life Skills through Soccer. From Coaches at Upland Sports Arena | Crooked Spine Show

These coaches understand the big picture of coaching soccer.  Ages 3 and up learn the physical skills, and more importantly how to work with others and deal with defeat.  Having kids go through the CB3 training at the Upland Sports Arena make them better people, then soccer players.

Contact and connect with Upland Sports Arena:
1721 W 11th St
Upland, California


Highlights (podcast times):

(3:20) Learning from mistakes.

(6:50) Learning on/off the field; parent’s feedback.

(9:40) Specialized CB3 training; kids to the pros.

(13:50) Different training for each age group.

(17:15) When outside training can improve your skills.

(19:10) #1 thing sets you apart from other soccer players.

(20:10) College coaches want you to know this.

Learning a sport should have multiple benefits as a child.  Upland Sports Arena provide this through soccer.  If you decide to play pursue playing soccer at a college level or beyond is up to you, but you have the life skills to work hard and enjoy a healthy and happy life.

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