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Euclid Chiropractic chooses to us modern technology to promote health.  This allows us to share our knowledge as chiropractors and local health experts to keep our community healthy.  And we practice what we preach by helping people in technology stay healthy with the simple exercises in this interview.

Connect w/ Carlos A. Garcia is the host of F.Y.I. LIVE.  

Also check out his upcoming workshop on Nov. 8th->

Highlights (podcast times):

(2:50) Why I became a Chiropractor, and how are we different.

(5:20) Early signs to see a Chiropractor; sitting posture checklist. –Video

(10:10) How motions keeps you healthy.

(13:15) Improving your standing posture & strength.-Video

(15:45) Why Euclid Chiropractic stays techie.

(18:30) We practice and preach good health habits.

(20:45) The secret science how motion keeps your full body and mind healthy.

(26:00) How our Crooked Spine Show podcast benefits our community’s health.

(29:00) Staying healthy in tech.

(31:45) Save $ by staying healthy.

(36:50) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

Staying healthy if your work requires prolonged sitting and/or looking at a screen is possible if you routinely/daily take specific steps to stay healthy and strong.  Dr. Tony on F.Y.I. LIVE gives the steps and how the science works.  Then living a healthy life and working hard can both happen for you.

Hope you enjoyed listening to this episode of The Crooked Spine Show Podcast.

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