CSP 025: How Pilates improves your Body Mind Connection with Margie on the Crooked Spine Show

Mind Body Connection is a reflection of Margie’s caring and passion to help people through Pilates.  Through our talk she is tells her continuous learning to become a better instructor.  Margie has only had a studio for a few years, but the growth of her business is a reflection of her results for athletes, seniors, and everyday people.  Listen to learn the benefits.

Contact and connect with Mind Body Connection:
(818) 489-7755
555 N Benson Ave., Unit E
Upland, California


Highlights (podcast times):

Margie’s back story (1:00).

Pilates is a different exercise (5:45).

Improving motion/position: alignment (9:45).

1-on-1 coaching here (14:00).

Not just physical benefits (16:30).

How the equipment helps you (18:45).

Long term benefits (22:40).

Pilates for injury recovery (24:45).

Building strength (26:30).

For complete health (32:30).

Include nutrition too (35:30).

Pilates increases your whole body motion (39:30).

Feeling younger with pilates (42:30).

Dr. Tony’s wrap (44:00).

Margie uses her knowledge to help clients improve their health: flexibility, strength and balance.  Through her training and equipment clients enjoy the ability to tolerate daily stress, improve their training for competitions and recover from injury.  This is why her business how growth exponentially through personal referral and now social media.

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