How Motion gets you from Stressed to Relaxed and Strong @Gibson Oct. ’18 | Crooked Spine Show

The human body is a great machine. But when it stops moving, it can get sick and weak.  This affects your physical and mental state.  This talk explains how this occurs, and how you can reverse it.

Highlights (podcast times):

(1:45) Flight or Fight Response.

(4:50) Chiropractic adjustments gets you to a relaxed state.

(8:00) How you can relax by your P.M.A.

(10:15) How to stay relaxed.

(11:45) Relax to think better.

(12:20) The stress hormone: Cortisol.

(13:45) Get uncomfortable to relax.

(14:40) Routine, then change other habits.

(17:50) Dr. Tony’s close.

 The body has an internal system that keeps you alive.  Keep moving allows your body’s nerve, chemical, hormonal systems to stay normal. Then you can stay strong and have a positive mindset to tolerate the stressors of everyday life.

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