Improving the next Health Professionals Conference 2018 at CBU | Upland Cucamonga Claremont Chiropractor

This talk in guiding your future healthcare professionals in giving patients a higher expectation of service. The average doctor’s visit experience needs to improve.  Being asked to speak again on their topic to a larger audience in a few weeks helps reinforce why these topics are important for students to understand now.

Highlights (podcast times):

Grade & Personality important NOW (2:00).

You need an internship (5:00).

High school student’s advantage over adults (8:00).

Starting work as a student.  My story (12:00).

Difference of character vs. reputation (16:30).

How life, school gets harder.  Learn to relax (21:00).

Being the 1%.  Learn vs. education (25:00).

Mentor help (27:00).

Need for nurses now (34:50).

First impressions (37:50).

Why I am a chiropractor (40:30).

Guiding the next generations of doctors, nurses, etc. as students can make a difference in a patient’s quality of healthcare.  And volunteering and interning now can give a student the confidence to understand what is expected when working with patients.

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