Happy Nerves, Happy Health. In-office Workshop June ’18 | Crooked Spine Show

Euclid Chiropractic helps patients understand the cause of their pain, fix it, then restore a person’s health. Then a person can keep themselves healthy, and only see doctors when really needed.  Irritated nerves can be the cause of a person’s health conditions, including pain.  We explore how in this workshop.

Highlights (podcast times):

How Chiropractic beliefs are different than medicine (1:50).

How nerves connect through the body (3:35).

Irritated vs. healthy nerves (7:20).

Spinal nerve chart (to your symptoms) (10:20). -See Chart

Effect of nerves on the 5 factors of health (12:20).

Your nerves affect your body’s “Stress Response” (18:55).

Nerves affect mood/attitude (26:20).

Dr. Tony’s wrap (32:20).

Knowing how to stay healthy can prevent non-traumatic pain and other spine related conditions.  Keeping nerves calm, joints moving and muscles strong helps you tolerate stress on our body.  Then we can stay healthy naturally.

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