Going from Pain & Stress to Strong and Relaxed. In-office workshop Nov. ’18. Crooked Spine Show

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Learn why and how a pinched nerve causes pain, weakness, stress, and lowers your quality of life. Then find relief by understanding how to create healthy, routine habits to get your body to relax and stay strong.

Here is the nerve chart mentioned in the talk:

HIghlights (podcast times):
(1:40) How nerve connect through the body.
(5:20) What are healthy/irritated nerves.
(10:40) How nerve affect your health.
(12:20) Nerve chart explained. Effect on muscle strength/pain. Nerves effect…
(14:35) on low back pain;
(15:20) Digestion, heartburn, diet;
(17:20) Sleep, anxiety, stress;
(24:20) and Attitude;
(25:50) Your H.N.S.
(29:20) How you personally connect your body to the nerve chart.
(32:20) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.

Everything tissue and function of your body is controlled by your nerves. Keep your nerves relaxed allows you to use exercise, breathing, and other healthy habits to tolerate the stress of your daily lives.

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