Regaining Your Balance Workshop @ Gibson March ’17

This full video of this workshop will explain and demonstrate:

  1. Where our balance comes from.

  2. How posture helps balance.

  3. The proper walking gait.

  4. The Balance exercise.

  5. Proper walker and cane use.

  6. Hunchback posture affect on balance.

  7. And more

We will also include short clips below that give you the highlights of this full video, as they are posted.

The Highlights:

  1. How Humans Control Balance (1:27)

  2. How Feet Position Effects Posture/Balance (8:30)

  3. Balance Training w/ Eyes Open; then Closed

Highlights be added:

Limping effects on Balance (16:20)

Training good posture (17:20)

Posture/Balance with Diabetes (25:00)

Squats-on/off the wall-to train Posture (31:20)

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