Feet, Ankle, Walking Exercises for Balance & Posture @Brookdale Aug ’18 | #Crookedspineshow

These exercises you can do in your bed, seated or standing. Using a ball or water bottle with the exercises helps circulation and motion. Do them daily to get the long-term benefit.  Then experience improved balance, less chance of falling and injury.

Highlights (podcast):

(2:35) How to stimulate blood flow and nerves w/ exercises.

(4:50) Lying down and using a ball to exercise feet.

(7:50) My stretching routine and why.

(12:50) Sheryl’s story of improved balance/strength.

(17:00) Sitting up and stimulating your feet with this exercise.

(19:20) Foot stretching/leg strengthening sitting down exercise.

(23:00) Standing position and rolling ball under foot-strength, balance.

(26:00) Improve balance and strength-eyes closed, walking backwards.

(40:10) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

Exercising when you first wake up and in bed can help you wake up your body.  Blood circulation and joint motion help you start your day relaxed and strong.  Build a daily routine to enjoy the benefits of better balance, strength and overall healthy body and mind.

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