Fall Prevention: Steps and Exercises @Brookdale Senior Living June ’18 with Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

This workshop helps understand the mindset and actions needed to make a person fall safe. Topics include lower back exercises, setting your posture, using a walking and cane properly, why movement is important to prevent rigor mortis, and more.

Dr. Tony’s workshops will take place every second Tuesday of the month at Brookdale North Euclid in Ontario.
RSVP: (844)-884-3976

Highlights (podcast times):

Move to prevent/stop arthritis (2:50).

Safely rising from a chair (6:30).

Leg strength and balance exercise.  Chair squat video (8:40).

Better balance. Proper head and neck position (15:20).

Check your posture.  6 second posture check video (19:20).

Using a walker properly (20:50).

Using a cane properly (27:50).

Avoid rigor mortis-permanent stiffness (30:05).

Q/A: using a heel life for balance/posture (34:20).

Dr. Tony’s wrap up (36:40).

Being the first time speaking to this audience, Dr. Tony focussed on the mindset of body movement to stay healthy.  Movement has been scientifically proven to improve strength with flexibility AND help (through nerve relaxation) move and attitude. Then the body can tolerate to stay healthy and relaxed to tolerate our everyday stress. Check Care Services for seniors.

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