CSP 018: Mindful Movement with Christy Jones and Upland Claremont Chiropractor

Learning how to destress/relax can be simple.  Christy shows us several techniques through movement to do this.  Also explains how we hold our stress in the body at any age.  Christy describes how foods can help us relax or stress our bodies.  Let’s learn how.

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Highlights (podcast times):

The assessment-find the source of stress (2:00).

Stress solutions for all ages (3:50).

Water/up, fire/down; starting your day; tapping (5:30).

Christy’s classroom visits; healthy choices in the frig (11:00).

Eat to reduce stress; rest & digest (17:40).

Chronic effects of stress; sleep solutions (21:00).

Movement to increase immunity (27:50).

2 exercises to demonstrate water/up, fire/down (31:00).

Playing a game to find your present moment (36:50).

Hope this talk helps you understand that relaxing does not have to be complicated.  We can do simple things in the morning to plan a positive day.  Christy gives us games to play that makes relaxing fun and easy.  This will improve your overall health and sleep.  Then we can enjoy life.

Hope you enjoyed listening to this episode of The Crooked Spine Show Podcast.

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