CSP 038: Essential Oils: Which ones and Why to use for Winter Health. Vanessa #crookedspineshow

Essential oils use has continue to grow over the last 10+ years. The health benefits have been proven. In this interview learn how to use essential oils to keep you and your family healthy especially during the holidays/winter with expert Vanessa Luu.

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HIghlights (podcast times):

(2:35) Melaleuca & Oregano for sickness recovery.
(5:00) On Guard stops the start of a cold/flu.
(11:00) How diffusers work?
(11:50) Frankincense: king of oils.
(16:00) Turmeric benefits.
(18:45) Kit for allergies, relax, stay healthy.
(25:40) Oils safe for infants?
(27:50) Oils different than lotions.
(30:10) Oils different than medications.
(37:20) Car diffuser benefits.
(44:45) Are oils addictive?
(50:20) Free consulting with Vanessa.
(51:35) DoTerra oils difference.
(54:40) Healthy mindset oils.
(59:20) Women’s health oils.
(101:35) Vanessa’s wrap up.

(103:45) Dr. Tony’s wrap up.

Oils are concentrated liquids from plants that have been around for centuries. Our ancestors used them as medicine, and is the reason consumers are now using them more. DoTerra educates consumers and sells high-quality oils to get the best benefit. Consult with Vanessa for FREE to understand how essential oils can help you and your family stay healthy.

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