CSP 034: Finding the Right Doctor for You. Brianna Cardenas on the #crookedspineshow

Why are there long waits at the doctor’s office? Then why does the doctor not listen to me? Brianna is a physician assistant at a local clinic. She specializes in chronic pain patients and spends the time to find out about the whole person (rare in today’s healthcare system). She guides you how to pick doctors who will give you the specific care they need. Then help you regain your health.

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Highlights (podcast times):

(1:35) Brianna’s personal story of connective tissue disorder, surgeries.

(6:25) Why wait times longer, doctor times shorter?

(10:05) Why medications are the first choice of treatment.

(16:05) How to improve patient care, quality of life.

(21:25) Better healing with proper patient expectations.

(24:50) Urgency for you to find your doctor; how.

(29:35) Steps to find your diagnosis, then doctor.

(35;45) Brianna’s show wrap.

(36:40) Dr. Tony’s wrap.

We carry auto insurance cards because we might need them in an emergency.  If we have the same mentality with our doctors, then we can avoid being frustrated with seeing a doctor in an emergency.  And because you are your best health care advocate, do the research.  Then see your doctor with proper questions so they listen and help you get healthier.

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