CSP 030: Mindfulness: How to for Health and Success with Dr. Louise Kelly on the Crooked Spine Show

Mindfulness is a state of mind that helps you stay healthy, improve decision making, be successful, help others, and more.  Dr. Kelly is a professor and publisher on the study and practice of mindfulness.  She teaches her students how to learn and be mindful; then enjoy the life benefits of being mindful.  Listen or watch now.

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Highlights (podcast times):

Metacognition-how we think (3:10).

How Starbucks’ success was founded (7:50).

Using mastermind groups, mentors to improve mindfulness (17:00).

How to increase your creativity (19:00).

“Slowing down to go fast”, self-compassion first (26:10). Video Clip

How different personalities learn to be mindful; to make ethical choices (30:50).

Are having friends a good thing (37:50).

How mindfulness changes your brain; “Tend to befriend”  (51:50).

Helps your decision making (59:20).

Gender, kids learning differences (1:01:40).

Benefits of meditating; how and when (1:08:00).

Dr. Tony’s wrap (1:12:40).

Humans have different personalities, so learning mindfulness can be tricky.  Like anything it can be learned, then practiced. Getting to a mindful state can be through meditation, physical exercise, music and other forms to improve your mindset. Once you practice being mindful then your personal health, decision making, and helping others can improve.

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