CSP 028: Digital Breast Screening Exam using SureTouch. Pain-Free, Radiation-Free. Interview with Brenda on the Crooked Spine Show

Brenda explains the traditional steps for a medical exam causes anxiety and pain.  A mammography can also be painful and a radiation risk. This reduces routine personal and medical exams; then early detection.  SureTouch Digital Exam is pain-free, radiation-free.  As a woman which one would you prefer?  Listen to Brenda explain.

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Highlights (podcast times):

Cancer specific mass detection (1:20).

Less pain/radiation risk (5:00).

Early detection/screen too (9:50).

Cancer causes: lifestyle vs. genetics vs hormones (14:20).

The difference of SureTouch Digital Breast Exam (17:20).

Brenda’ step by step to check yourself (20:00).

SureTouch to help your medical doctor (23:15).

Brenda HOPE of Women -take control (27:20).

vitamin D and K help? (31:00).

Brenda’s prevention tips (34:50).

Exam cost details/events (42:30).

Dr. Tony’s wrap (43:00).

As Brenda says, “Women, you are in charge of your breasts.” Brenda gives you a treatment option that is less intimidating.  Along with learning to check yourself, early detections of any problems  can be easy to deal with.  Try SureTouch and know the difference.

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