CSP 019: Henry, Physical Therapist, of ASB Therapy shares with Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

Henry’s art as a physical therapist is rare.  His training as a dancer, martial arts, opera and now contortionist can only add his patient treatment plans. Henry spends the time with his clients helping them relax first, then improve their physical well-being.  We could all use his words of his wisdom to improve our health.

Connect and contact Henry at ASB Therapy:


250 W First St Suite 246
Claremont, California

Highlights (video watch time):

Staying loose vs. tight-using dance, yoga (5:00).

This or medication (10:30).

Martial Arts for training clients (16:00).

Dance for injury avoidance (19:00).

Reasons to NOT listen to your doctor (24:00).

Frozen face help: regain youthful confidence (26:50).

Henry’s first patient visit; the laugh (33:15).

Therapy to improve daily habits (44:30).

Learning from our elders (48:40).

Why you need to see Henry (51:30).

Dr. Tony’s wrap up (56:40).

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