CSP 016: Yoga, the Secret Health Benefits with Victoria by Upland Claremont Cucamonga Chiropractor

This early type of yoga practice helps you get to a healthier state, without the physicality.  With minor or no movement your body can get into a relaxed state, regain balance, and strength.  For any age, Yoga can help live a relaxed health life.  Watch or listen as Victoria explains this.

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Highlights (podcast times):

Start with breathing (4:15).

Build strength, confidence; more meditation (8:15).

Break up scar tissue (15:15).

Yoga’s helps weight loss, beauty (18:30).

Chair yoga benefits (20:55). Video clip.

A senior client’s story (22:45).

Find your mental peaceful state (25:15).

So enjoy a yoga class with Victoria or find a studio/instructor that will help you get to a relaxed state, and other health benefits.  If you are a senior or know one, a chair yoga class can start the return of balance and strength to stay injury-free.

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